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  1. Anti-Microbial Linen
  2. 4100 Manual Cubical/Privacy Track
  3. Hospital Curtains Range
  4. Insulated Glass Blind
  5. IV Bag Holder Range
  6. Anti-Microbial Uniforms
  7. Anti Bacterial Roller Blind

Anti-Microbial Linen

Prime Techno Med bring The long term benefits are an improvement in the hygienic standards of all hospital linen such as bed sheets, pillows, pillow covers, quilts, quilts covers duvet, duvet covers etc with a lasting effect and value. By reducing the risk of infection, our products further protects the patient and could possibly save lives and focused on microbial prevention that will deliver long term benefits, health-wise and financially. It is a long-term, health focused...

4100 Manual Cubical/Privacy Track

4100 is a strong, functional and fully reversible profile.Conforming to HTM66,4100 offers a comprehensive range of accessories to suit all fixing possibilities. Elegant in design and function 4100 is suitable for use with up-lighters for improved ambient hospital ward lighting. Syntheticwall and ceiling fitting allow rail 4100 to comply with the European NEN-3134 standard for special care rooms requiring…

Hospital Curtains Range

Hospital infections are one of the leading causes of death, in today’s world healthcare facilities are awaking with different kinds of infections carried in infected textile. Now we can dramatically cut down this risk. Prime Techno Med offers you the range of Anti-Microbial & flame Retardant Hospital Curtains first time in India with...

Insulated Glass Blind

Insulated blinds are the perfect glazing partner for medical, residential, educational and commercial buildings sealed from any ingress of dust or moisture and protected from misuse they provide a unique solution for enhanced privacy and a reduction in a sound and solar glare. Insulated blinds will improve the acoustics of most interior...

IV Bag Holder Range

V Track IV Track Accessories : Window Tech (V track) offers complete line of track mounted IV bags holders with 5-bag pendants. Plus, the multi-bag pendants telescope for convenient IV placement. Use with Ultra Cube track. The holders suspend from...

Anti-Microbial Uniforms

Prime Techno Med has launched its new range of anti-microbial clothing under the brand name Galaxy. This whole range of anti-microbial uniforms will allow our customers a complete collection of uniforms to choose from. This range will draw on our all experience...

Anti Bacterial Roller Blind

Nosocomial infections are recognised as a major public health problem.Galaxy 99 textiles have been developed to contribute significantly to maintaining healthy environment...